What to do with vacated East Mill Creek School on the Granite School District's east side remains up in the air after a recent board discussion.

The school was left empty when its students were transferred to Upland Terrace to bring the district into conformity with state school utilization guidelines.Several private schools are interested in using parts of the building on a lease basis to expand their programs, said Frank Willardsen, area administrator.

The district would like to use the space to develop special programs but does not have money for such development right now.

Board members agreed an effort should be made to pursue private involvement to create a special center for science, the arts, gifted and talented student programs, teacher training, community education, handicapped programs or vocational education.

Population projections on the east side do not indicate any eventual need to reopen the school for elementary students, Willardsen said.

Any future use of the property should protect the neighborhood's interest in preserving the green space surrounding the building, he said. That concern was uppermost on the minds of neighborhood residents when the decision was made to close East Mill Creek.