The Lone Ranger without Tonto? Superman without Lois Lane? Mickey Mouse without Pluto?

Batman without Robin?Possibly. DC Comics, publisher of the revitalized Batman is planning a series in which the Dynamic Duo might be sundered.

Batman No. 426, now in stores, begins the four-part series in which Robin searches for his mother. Batman No. 427, which follows next week, continues the story but ends in a cliff-hanger. Will Robin survive the Joker?

Readers can call a 900 telephone number and, like spectators at a gladiatorial contest, signal thumbs up or thumbs down. Robin's life hangs in the balance.

After votes are tallied, Robin's fate will be revealed in Batman No. 428 (in mid-October); No. 429 follows.

Will the villainous Joker win the vote? Will Batman be unable to save his sidekick?

Holy anxieties!