Shirley Temple Black is upset over a commercial non-alcoholic concoction being promoted as "The Shirley Temple Soft Drink," by a Southern California company. The child actress of the 1930s and former U.S. ambassador to Ghana has filed suit against the Soda Pop Kids Co. and its owner, Bradley Weidman, an Encino entrepreneur. Although saloons have long served up non-boozy "Shirley Temples," made of grenedine, maraschino cherries and soda, Black contends the beverage firm went too far by naming a sparkling soda "Shirley T" without her endorsement. She challenges the company's contention that the longtime use of the name by bartenders, usually in mixing a drink for children, has put it into the public domain for commercial use. "A celebrity's name and image is all a celebrity has," Black says. "My name is important and valuable to me, and I've got to protect it."