The Utah Department of Transportation will begin reconstructing I-80 between Redwood Road and I-15 in Salt Lake City in about a year.

The only question is how.At Tuesday's meeting of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors, Kim Morris, UDOT community relations director, said the agency can either close the road completely for one year to reconstruct it for $13 million or take three years and allow some traffic during construction at a cost of $19 million.

Although board did not vote on the proposal, most seemed to favor the one-year plan.

Morris said if the Utah Transportation Commission decides to close the road for one year, it will be the first section of interstate in the United States shut down for reconstruction without adjoining frontage roads to handle the detoured traffic.

He said the Federal Highway Administration doesn't like the idea because it sets a precedent and officials don't think UDOT can complete the project in one year.

Morris said that section of I-80 was built 20 years ago and that is about the expected life.