Planes using the Provo Municipal Airport will soon find that their ride is smoother and safer now that the city has appropriated $49,000 to improve the airport.

The federal government will pay 96 percent of the project cost, and Provo will only have to pay $2,500.Most of the money for the project to overlay airport runways and to improve signs and lights will come from a grant through the Federal Aviation Administration secured by Airport Manager Jim Mathis.

"Not too many years ago the airport was not taken seriously. It looked bereft of any care from the city. But now the money has been appropriated," said Raylene Ireland, executive assistant to the mayor.

During other public hearings to appropriate funds, the council voted Tuesday to put $9,000 in the Housing Rehabilitation Fund for operational expenses. That amount is already part of the housing budget but was not appropriated for a specific use until Tuesday's council meeting.

The council also appropriated $50,000 for the General Capital Improvement Projects Fund to complete the road extension from 37th North to Canyon Road. Total cost of the road construction is $396,000, but $346,000 of that carried over from last year's budget when it was earmarked for the road.

Most of the money appropriated came from a state road fund the city is given to maintain roads.