Deseret News readers perusing the paper Thursday afternoon still have time to attend a meeting on the Bureau of Land Management's plans for the San Rafael Swell.

The gathering was scheduled to last from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the Salt Palace, rooms C-100 and C-102. Specialists from the BLM will answer any questions about the plan."We really encourage anyone who has an interest in the San Rafael area to get involved now, while it's open for public comment," said Gene Nodine, BLM Moab District manager. "This is an important document because of the proposed management it describes."

The San Rafael Swell, almost entirely within Emery County, is supported by several conservation groups for national park status. Under the BLM's preferred plan, off-road vehicles would be allowed to operate cross-country throughout large sections of the Swell's interior.