A teenager who says he is still tormented by taunts from his childhood was charged with an additional murder count after a second third-grader died from wounds suffered in a schoolhouse rampage.

Eight-year-old Tequila Thomas died Thursday at Self Memorial Hospital from chest and neck wounds inflicted by James William Wilson, 19, who terrorized Oakland Elementary School during a shooting spree Monday.Wilson was charged Monday with one count of first-degree murder and 10 counts of assault. After Thomas' death, one of the assault charges was dropped and the second murder charge was filed, Police Chief James Coursey said.

In an interview published Thursday in The State newspaper of Columbia, Wilson said fellow students at Abbeville Christian School and Greenwood High School teased him about his dress and being overweight.

He told the newspaper that he recalled this mockery as he fired round after round from a .22-caliber revolver, shooting two teachers and nine children.

Also on Wilson's mind that morning was Laurie Dann, the woman who earlier this year shot six children at a Winnetka, Ill., grade school before taking her own life, the newspaper said. He said he had read about Dann in People magazine.

"I had the article tore out. I read it every day. I had it for a few months," Wilson told the newspaper in two telephone conversations from a state mental hospital where he was committed for psychiatric evaluation.

Wilson said he remembers few details of the Oakland Elementary School attack, but that he was convinced some of the children were after him, and he remembered "trying to make them be quiet."