The winner of the bronze medal for springboard diving at the 1964 Olympics told police he jumped 164 feet off a bridge into Long Beach Harbor to see if he "still had the stuff."

Larry Andreasen, 42, who won the medal for the U.S. Olympic team at the Tokyo Games, parked his car at the foot of the Gerald Desmond Bridge about 6:30 p.m. Thursday and walked to the center of the span that connects Terminal Island and Long Beach."A Harbor police officer in a passing car saw him and he saw the officer, waved, and jumped," Lt. Howard Jenkins said.

Dressed in corduroy pants and a T-shirt, Andreasen plunged 164 feet and then swam about 150 feet to a dock used by the Long Beach Fire Department, Jenkins said. "The investigating officer gave him a 9.6 - for surviving."