A Mafia boss and his wife, slain in their luxury villa, are the latest victims in one of the bloodiest gangland wars in recent years that has left 14 people dead in one week.

Giovanni and Francesca Bontade, both 42, were gunned down as they sipped coffee on Wednesday. Earlier, gunmen killed an anti-Mafia judge, Antonio Saetta, 66, his son Stefano, 35, and a leftist who campaigned against drugs and organized crime, Mauro Rostagno, 46.The other victims were considered low-ranking gang members.

Parliament is studying new measures to beef up the war on the Mafia, and the Vatican called on the government to bring a halt to the killings.

"Evidently there's a war going on," said state's attorney Domenico Signorino, who helped prosecute Bontade in the mass trial of more than 400 Mafia suspects that ended last December.

Bontade was sentenced to eight years in prison for criminal association and was under house arrest pending an appeal.