The parents of a former legislative secretary who alleges she was sexually assaulted by U.S. Sen. Brock Adams have defended their daughter, saying Adams betrayed their trust.

"I am outraged at the anguish he has put our family through," Dr. James Tupper said Wednesday. "Kari trusted and respected this man. She never believed he would try to hurt or take advantage of her."Adams, a 61-year-old former Transportation secretary in the Carter administration, acknowledged at a Tuesday news conference that Kari Tupper spent a night at his Washington, D.C., home last year but vehemently denied the assault allegations, calling them "absolutely false." He declined to answer reporters' questions Wednesday.

"He has nothing else to say," said Barbara Smith, an Adams spokeswoman. "This matter is closed."

Tupper, a retired orthopedic physician, was flanked by his wife, Sylvia, other family members and friends as he read a brief statement to reporters outside the family home. He declined to answer questions.

He said that he and his wife have known Adams for 40 years, campaigned for him in 1986 and considered him a close family friend.

"It is difficult to express how betrayed every member of our family has felt by Adams' actions," Tupper said.

Kari Tupper did not attend the news conference. She is 26, married and is living in Seattle.