Park City officials seem anxious to show the world they are different from the rest of Utah.

An ad appearing in the fall issues of "Skiing," "Ski" and "Snow Country" magazines is headlined "Park City, Colorado." A red, squiggly line is drawn through "Colorado" with the message "An easy mistake to make" written next to it.Underneath is another headline, "The town in the state of Utah with a different state of mind."

The Winter Marketing Committee of the Park City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Convention and Visitors Bureau wrote the ad with help from Gillham Advertising. They got the idea after receiving letters from tourists mistakenly addressed to Park City, Colo.

"Utah is known for its incredible snow, but often overlooked as a place to have an overall fun time," said Joan Peets, the chamber's marketing director. "We wanted to get the message across that Park City is a little different than the rest of Utah and that it offers a ski vacation equal to the fun that Colorado offers."

Some state officials seemed offended by the ad, while others seemed unfazed.

"If it helps take away skiers from Colorado, I'm for it, because Colorado is our main competition," said Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Bob Bailey, director of the Utah Ski Association, said research shows many skiers avoid Utah because they feel the state has little night life to offer.

"I don't think the ad is derogatory to the state," Bailey said. "We haven't heard any negative comments from other resorts. Anything that can help us out here is good for the whole state."