The Army has chosen Pueblo, Colo., and Longhorn, Texas, as the sites where Pershing II missiles will be destroyed under the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty.

A congressional source said Tuesday that Utah's Tooele Army Depot has been eliminated from consideration.

The INF Treaty with the Soviet Union requires the United States to destroy 429 Pershing missiles now on station, and 269 in storage, within three years after Senate ratification of the treaty, expected later this month.

Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, said Tuesday it now looks as if Utah is out of the picture for Pershing disposal.

Utah allowed the Army to test burn a Pershing at Tooele on Nov. 24, but Gov. Norm Bangerter has objected to using the base to destroy large numbers of the weapons.

Francine Giani, press secretary to Gov. Norm Bangerter, said their office could not confirm that the Army had decided to destroy the Pershings in Utah.

"But obviously we'd be pleased if that were the case," she said.