Residents who pass by the downtown U.S. post office will notice changes in the mail drop-off box and in employee parking. To aid in those changes the city has agreed to sell the agency the property just south of the building.

The Postal Service has leased the property from the city for a number of years but wanted to own the property now that the facility is being expanded.The resolution approving the sale was finally passed by the City Council at Tuesday's meeting. Council members had previously questioned whether it was in the best interest of the city to sell rather than lease the property.

By leasing the property at the current rate of about $10,000 a year, council members figured it would be a better deal to continue leasing the property than it would be to sell it for the market-value price of $60,000.

"After meeting with them (Postal Service officials), it is my feeling that we should use our own example of what we ask others to do and sell the property at the fair market value," said Council Chairman Ron Last.

He was referring to the fact that the city often asks people to sell their property to the city at a fair price so the city can expand and do what is needed to accommodate a growing community.

Mayor Joe Jenkins had already signed the agreement to sell the property Sept. 23, but the action came before the council Tuesday as an emergency agenda item so the sale could be finalized.

The mayor's signature was secured by Sept. 23 because the Postal Service had appropriated money for the purchase in last year's budget, which ended Sept. 23.

The property is located at the First South-Second South and University Avenue-First West block.