Convicted killer Mark W. Hofmann was back in prison Tuesday, recuperating in the facility's hospital from an apparently self-inflicted drug overdose.

Hofmann, serving a life sentence for the pipe-bombing murders of two Salt Lake-area residents, will spend the next month in the prison's infirmary, Corrections spokesman Juan Benavidez said."He seems to be very alert and I would tend to believe, except for security reasons, some accommodations might be made for him to visit his family," Benavidez said Monday.

`It's going to require daily medical attention to dress his wounds and ensure infection does not set it, to ensure the skin graft takes."

Hofmann was flown by air ambulance Sept. 15 from the prison after he was discovered unconscious in his cell by another inmate. University Hospital officials said Hofmann, 33, had toxic levels of an antidepressant in his blood.

"We'll have a summary in a couple of weeks as soon as that investigation is completed," said Benavidez, who earlier said prison medical personnel gave Hofmann antidepressants to help him cope with what the spokesman called "a personal crisis."

Surgeons took skin grafts from Hofmann's leg and placed them on his chest and arm where a loss of circulation occurred when Hofmann was lying on his side in a drug-induced coma.

The inmate was escorted by Corrections guards from University Hospital to the prison infirmary, a secure area in which inmates are housed in cells within the hospital on the prison grounds.

"He'll be there for about a month," the prison spokesman said. "Then we'll evaluate as to where we'll place him back in the population."

Hofmann was convicted of killing businessman Steven Christensen and housewife Kathleen Sheets in separate Oct. 15, 1985, bombings in an effort to cover up a multimillion-dollar forgery and fraud scheme that bilked individuals and corporations.