Deseret News staff writer Joyce Cutler will be covering the shuttle Discovery launch this week as the only Salt Lake newspaper report er to document America's return to flight.

Cutler covered the solid rocket booster redesign project for United Press International and Reuters News Agency before joining the Deseret News last June.

An estimated 12,000 Utahns depend on aerospace for their paychecks, either through work with contractors and subcontractors or research at Utah's universities. With that much on the line, it's a natural for the Deseret News to document the first shuttle flight in nearly three years.

"After writing hundreds of stories about the lousy things going on in the shuttle program and NASA," she said, "it's great to write something positive - we're back in business."

Cutler joins an estimated 4,500 journalists who will cover the flight, the most ever to report on a shuttle launch.