Michael Dukakis' Utah campaign headquarters will remain open and active through the November election, despite national reports to the contrary.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that unnamed sources in the national Dukakis campaign were saying the Democratic presidential candidate would trim back his efforts in Western states he anticipated losing to Republican nominee George Bush. Utah was listed as one of those states."I called Boston (Dukakis' headquarters) last night and they told me we still had their funding commitment through the election," said Pat Shea, Utah chairman for Dukakis.

Pete Suazo, local campaign manager, said his salary is paid by the Dukakis campaign. But all support functions, the rent, telephones, bumper stickers and lawn signs, are paid by the National Democratic Committee.

"They (Dukakis headquarters) promised my salary will continue," said Suazo. The DNC will also continue its funding, added Shea.

"In my 24 years in politics in this state we've never had a local headquarters for the Democratic presidential candidate. This is the first time. And we're going to keep it open and active," Shea said.