Youngsters who exhibited market lambs, hogs and beef at the 50th annual Southern Utah Junior Livestock Show took home more than $25,000 from sale of their animals.

Exhibiting grand champions were two youngsters from Monroe, Sevier County, and one from Loa, Wayne County. The three exhibitors of reserve champions live in Sevier County.The grand champion beef was shown by T.J. Rees, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Ronnie Rees, Loa. It sold for $1.07 per pound to Venice Feed for a total of $1,281.86.

The grand champion market hog brought a price of $2.29 per pound and $556.47 for Maria Bagley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bagley, Monroe. It was purchased by the Richfield Auction Co.

The grand champion lamb was exhibited by Mike Lunt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lunt, Monroe. It was bought by the Valley Central Bank of Richfield for $2.25 per pound and a purchase price of $276.25.

Exhibitors of reserve champions and the prices paid for their animals were Rebecca Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Johnson, Aurora, Sevier County, beef, $1.04 per pound; Tim Lunt, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lunt, Monroe, lamb, $1.65 per pound; and Jamie Brewer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brewer, Monroe, hog, $1.30 per pound.

Winners in the dairy division were David Pratt, Gunnison, Sanpete County, champion dairy cow; Ryan Carter, Sevier, Sevier County, reserve champion dairy cow; Marie Mayer, Redmond, Sevier County, grand reserve champion dairy goats.

Breeding division winners were Richard Harris, Venice, Sevier County, champion mutton breed ewe; Perkins Suffolks, Panguitch, reserve breeding mutton ewe; Richard Harris, champion wool breed ewe, and champions in breeding mutton and wool breed rams; and Nanette Despain, Axtell, Sanpete County, reserve champion breeding mutton ram.

Youngsters who captured top honors in fitting and showmanship contest were Ben Taylor, Marie Bagley, Mike Lunt, Tim Lunt, Travis Young, Heath Hatch, Nicole Miller, Jake Quarnberg, Gregory Pace, Kimberly Julander, Lance Brown, Amber Brown, Todd Brown, Sandra Yardley, Marie Mayer and Shelley Jensen.