To the editor:

Has the Reagan teflon been transferred to George Bush? How can the vice president of the U.S. get away with so little criticism of his Pearl Harbor "gaff" by the so-called "Eastern liberal press"?Remember the fun the press had with Jimmy Carter when he informed the Presidential Debate audience in 1980 that he had asked his daughter Amy what most concerned young people? And because Amy answered "the fear of nuclear war," the press labeled Amy as the new foreign policy advisor to the president.

Or remember how the media contributed to the demise of presidential contender Ed Muskie in 1972, for shedding an emotional tear when his wife was verbally abused?

It seems the media is in George's corner if it can so easily pass off his embarrassing blunder of Sept. 7.

Where was George, that as a supposed American leader, he doesn't know the second most recognized date in U.S. history?

American high school students do best in identifying two dates: July 4, 1776, for American independence, and Dec. 7, 1941, for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

If the press thought in 1976 that Jerry Ford should have known whether Poland was a free country or not, certainly they should expect the vice president to know what month it is.

Karl Swan

Utah State Senate