A Salt Lake company that manufactures and sells high-tech broadcast video equipment and a University of Utah electrical engineering professor will receive Emmy awards in October from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Selected for the awards for technical achievement are BTS Broadcast Television Systems Inc. and Thomas G. Stockham Jr., professor and chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering. They will receive two of the seven awards given in the technical category by the academy during an Oct. 11 banquet in New York City.John Cannon, academy president, said Stockham is recongized for pioneering the development of digital sound recording. In 1975, he founded Soundstream Inc., which developed digital commercial sound recording and led to its establishment as an industry-wide practice.

As a natural offshoot of the digital recording process, Stockham directed the development of a high-speed, random access, computer-based editing system that allows faster and higher quality editing, Cannon said.

BTS is being recognized for technical achievement in 3D computer graphics technology. The company introduced the FGS-4000 computer animation system in 1983 and since that time has pursued hardware and software features expanding the capabilities of the animation network.