Weber State College will demand more from its students in the way of graduation requirements and a curriculum that stresses more in-depth learning, college President Stephen Nadauld says.

Admissions standards, increased writing requirements and a sharply increased focus on providing a quality education will be part of the next century at Weber State, Nadauld told college faculty and staff.The WSC president outlined a dozen characteristics an educated student must have, including critical analysis and mathematics skills, computer literacy, historical consciousness, cultural and international awareness, along with an in-depth knowledge of his or her chosen field.

"I firmly believe that educational excellence means we set standards of performance in each of the areas," he said.

As a part of achieving educational excellence, he said the college will also "be more aggressive in controlling admission."

"Today in 1988, 100 years from our beginning, we stand in the midst of buildings, programs and accomplishments that would fill our founders with a sense of awe and wonder. Our academic programs have never been stronger nor our achievements more notable," Nadauld said.

But he said college departments must continue to look for new funding sources beyond tax dollars, fine tune course offerings and establish comprehensive ways of measuring student progress in all areas.