A federal grand jury in Ogden handed up indictments Friday for alleged crimes ranging from distributing cocaine to counterfeiting to filing false claims with the Air Force.

Named as defendants were the following, for none of whom addresses were listed in the federal court files:-Mark Raymond Frongner, charged with altering a $1 bill to make it look like a $20 bill, and with a second count of passing the bogus bill on Jan. 5. The indictment says the bill was passed at the Salvation Army headquarters in Ogden.

-Benjamin J. Lopez and the company he owned, Western Painting Co., charged with three counts of filing false claims with the Air Force. The claims were for $40,911.71, filed July 2, 1985; $53,224.18, filed Aug. 14, 1985; and $24,916.76, filed Aug. 21, 1985.

The grand jury claims that the company had an Air Force contract to paint buildings at the Utah Test and Training Range at Lakeside, Box Elder County, and filed claims for payment, but did not comply with contract specifications.

-Marla Jean Younker and Scott McElhaney, charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine sometime before Aug. 26, plus counts of distributing it and using a telephone to facilitate distributing cocaine.