Charges of conspiracy and cocaine distribution were brought this week against a Utahn and an Arizona resident by a federal grand jury.

The Salt Lake jury also charged a Salt Lake man with possessing an unregistered short shotgun.Indictments were filed against Robin Mikesell, Ogden; and John Steven Penn of Mesa, Ariz. The two are accused of conspiring to distribute cocaine from before Aug. 19 to Aug. 25. Both were charged with distributing four ounces of the illegal drug on Aug. 19 and half a pound on Aug. 25.

Mikesell was charged with two more counts - making five altogether - of using a telephone to facilitate distribution of cocaine. One of the alleged offenses took place at noon June 13, and the other at 5:30 p.m. on the same day. Penn was accused of aiding in the latter charge.

James H. Hancock, address listed as 312 Archard Ave., was charged with possessing an unregistered shotgun whose barrel was 14.25 inches long and whose overall length was 19.5 inches.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tena Campbell said shotguns must be registered with the National Firearms Registry if they are below a certain barrel-length or overall length. She said Hancock had a shotgun that failed both measurement tests.