Several people were slightly injured when a stray firework misfired at the end of a halftime display at the Saturday night Utah-Hawaii football game at Rice Stadium.

Only one of two or three people reported injured needed hospital attention. A West Valley woman was treated at University Hospital and released, a nursing supervisor said. She suffered a cut and a lump on her forehead after she was hit by a piece of the aerial shell that had smoldered in the firing tube before exploding in the air about five minutes after the half-time display ended, said University Police Lt. Ben Lemmon."It was incredible the amount of fire that was shooting all around on the south side of the bleachers. It caused two different small grass fires," Lemmon said. "One of the embers went to the middle of the football field and was burning on the Atsroturf. We had to run out and stomp it out."

Lemmon said many people who had been in the area near the explosion had returned to their seats before the stray shell exploded.