Billy Carter was never shy about sharing his opinions, and they were often colorful and profane. Here is a sampling:-On his family: "I got a mother who went into the Peace Corps at the age of 68, I got a sister who's a Holy Roller preacher, I got another sister who rides motorcycles and wears helmets, I got a brother who thinks he's going to be president of the United States. I'm the only sane one in the family."

-On sleeping in the White House: "I didn't like it 'cause I got lost. I couldn't find the bathroom and I'd had 20 beers before I went to bed."

-On the press: "I don't believe a damned thing I read. The main thing that turns me off about the political process is the press. About 90 percent of you are reporters because you don't have enough sense to be anything else."

-On his own political preferences: "I'm a (George) Wallace Democrat who voted for Jimmy Carter."

-On his relationship with his brother: "I don't tell him how to be president and he doesn't tell me what to do."

-On his alcoholism: "The toughest part was when I made up my mind never to drink again - God knows I gave up one of my best friends. I've found out water can be drunk straight."

-On the difference between a redneck and a good ol' boy: "A good ol' boy is someone that rides around in a pickup truck - which I do - drinks beer and puts 'em in a litter bag. A redneck's one what rides around in a truck and drinks beer and throws 'em out the window."

-On women's rights: "I think women have rights. They ought to have the right to be a good cook and good housekeeper, look after the baby."

-On himself: "I'm not the Carter that doesn't tell a lie."