About the artists:

Carlos J. Anderson (1904-1978)Anderson was one of the first Utah artists to receive a commission by the Federal government under the Public Works of Art Project. In 1933 and 34, produced a collection of drawings depicting early pioneer history. They appeared on covers of Utah Symphony concert programs.

Elzy J. Bird (1911- )

Studied with Cornelius Salisbury at West High School, and then under J.T. Harwood and Jack Sears at the U. of U. His work is in several private collections and in many Utah schools and public buildings. Member of the Board of Directors for the Art Barn during the 1950s. Spent 31 years as a draftsman and designer for various SLC architects.

Edwin Evans (1860-1946)

Married at an early age, and to support his family became a telegrapher. During his leisure hours, spent much of his time drawing and sketching. Went to Salt Lake to take classes by G. Ottinger and D. Weggeland. Went to France in 1920. Upon returning, helped in decorating two large rooms in the Salt Lake Temple. Head of the Art Department at the U. from 1898 to 1920.

Calvin Fletcher (1882-1963)

Studied art with J.B. Fairbanks. Attended BYU, Pratt Institute, Columbia University, Art Institute of Chicago, and Central School of Arts and Crafts in London; also studied in Paris. Taught at BYU from 1903-06 and USAC from 1907-47. Chairman of Art Dept. at USAC.

Irene P. Fletcher (1900-1969)

Studied with Calvin Fletcher and H. Reuben Reynolds. Took took summer courses from a number of artists. Her first husband died. Married Calvin Fletcher on Dec. 24, 1926. Together, reared 14 children - six of hers and eight of his.

Ranch S. Kimball (1894-1980)

Art career began at LDS High School and BYU. Pursued training for three years at Art Institute of Chicago and at Art Students League in New York. Spent several years in graphic design and illustration. Retired from art to pursue other business enterprises, including general manager of Lagoon Corp.

William J. Parkinson (1899- )

Began his art training at LDS High School, studying with A.B. Wright. Received further training through correspondence courses from Landon School, the International Correspondence Schools, and the Federal Schools. Made a living in Salt Lake City from a number of jobs, including art teacher at Granite High; assistant and engineering aid, Department of Agriculture; laborer, Benington Arms; display artist with ZCMI; and furniture decorator.

Lee Greene Richards (1878-1950)

While a youth, was a regular visitor to Ottinger's studio. Studied with Harwood and later went on mission to England. Also studied in France. Exhibited in Salon des Artistes Francais in 1903 and Paris Salon in 1904. Returned to Paris again in 1908-09 and 1920-23. Lecturer at U. of U. from 1938-47.

David Howell Rosenbaum (1908-1982)

Graduated from Box Elder High School in 1926. Enrolled at USAC in Logan, studying under Calvin Fletcher. In 1938, went to New York and received instruction at the American Artists' School. Moved to Ogden and supported himself with painting and teaching art for the WPA. Drafted into the Seabees in 1942 and sent to Guadalcanal. Returned to Ogden after the war. Life turned inward. Stopped painting.

Cornelius Salisbury (1882-1970)

Studied with John F. Carlson in 1904. Took art at U. of U. in 1905 and BYU from 1907-08. Enrolled in Art Students League in 1908 and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 1909-10. Taught at BYU for two years, Lewis Junior High School in Ogden for 4 years, Jordan Junior High School for two years, U. of U. in 1927, West High School from 1928-43. Winner of numerous awards.

Rosine (Rose) Howard Salisbury (1887-1975)

Studied art with J.T. Harwood, Lee Greene Richards; and with Evans and Frazer at U. of U. in 1914. Taught school at Irving Jr. High from 1922-28; Rowland Hall School for Girls from 1929-52. U. of U., 1930. Represented in many schools.

Matilda Ann Evans Thurman


Taught in the SLC junior high system from 1926.

Mabel Frazer (1887-1981)

Studied at U. of U. with Evans in 1913. Was first to receive a degree in art from U. Studied at Art Students League, Beaux Arts Institute of Design, N.Y., Florence and Europe. Taught at Beaver for two years, Lewis Jr. High School in Ogden for 2 years, College of Southern Utah, two years. U. of U. for 31 years. Painted murals in Salt Lake Temple.