An endangered peregrine falcon making a home atop the Hotel Utah have laid her third egg of the season, said Bob Walters, non-game biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Walters said the egg showed up Monday, and he hopes a fourth will be laid Tuesday or Wednesday. That would give the birds a normal clutch, which should begin hatching a little over a month later."Everything looks just good," Walters said Tuesday.

He conceded, "My vantage point is a horrible one." It's difficult to peer into the man-made nesting box from the penthouse on Eagle Gate Plaza, but that's the best view available.

Mrs. Peregrine seems to stand above the eggs and spread her wings on mornings when the sun shines directly in. "You can only infer there's some shading here," he said.

She seems to be doing most of the work of caring for the eggs at this point.