Carnegie Hall, which had a reputation for perfect acoustics for musical performances for 95 years, will undergo adjustments of its sound system due to acoustical properties lost in the renovation of the hall in 1986, it was announced Thursday.

Judith Arron, general manager of the music hall, said the adjustments were decided upon as the result of "comments of performing musicians, members of the press and colleagues.""After a period of time, we have decided to experiment with some minor acoustical adjustments in the form of absorptive panels set in free-standing screens. It will be possible to arrange the screens, when desired, in a variety of configurations, to achieve a modest amount of absorption within selected, narrow frequency ranges."

Aaron said the panels have arrived at the hall and will be installed in the near future for testing over a period of months. She said their effect on reducing the hard brightness of sound noted in he hall since its renovation will be evaluated under a variety of conditions during rehearsals and performances.