Miles of communications cables were laid and a Persian blue backdrop was installed in the chapel Friday, but the height of Michael Dukakis' lectern was still in question as candidates counted down the hours to the big presidential debate.

Representatives of Democrat Dukakis and Republican George Bush had signed a final agreement Thursday on logistical details for Sunday's debate at Wake Forest University, including a format for two-minute answers and one-minute rebuttals to questions from journalists.Workers were busy Friday transforming the campus' Wait Chapel into a debate hall, building a red-carpeted stage and ripping out balcony seats for camera crews.

Considerable interest has centered on the height of the lecterns the two men will stand behind since Bush is some five inches taller than Dukakis.

The man hired to design the debate set, Hugh Raisky, said he was told to build identical oak lecturns that are adjustable between 45 and 48 inches.

Bush, who stands 6-foot-1, will keep his at 48 inches, both sides said. But Dukakis aides had not determined Friday how high the 5-foot-8 governor's will be, nor whether he will use a riser.