Nine members of Brigham Young University's ROTC-Army program took first place during a weekend Ranger Challenge competition at Fort Lewis, Wash.

Maj. William F. Pratt said the 71 ROTC programs originally entered in the Ranger Challenge were narrowed to eight in this final national competition.Events included a physical fitness test, rope bridge, weapons assembly, rifle marksmanship, grenade throw on an assault course, land navigation, and night patrol (which included a 10-kilometer run with 30-pound packs).

Pratt said the BYU team placed well in all the events but pulled ahead of the others in the 10-kilometer run.

Team members included Charles P. Ferry, Orem; Jeffrey D. Church, Ogden; Gary O. Watkins, Stockton, Tooele County; Larson H. Caldwell, Vernal; Todd L. Anderson, Richland, Wash.; John F. Esposito, Watchung, N.J.; Jason Scott Perry, Hendersonville, N.C.; Richard J. Stroyan, Westland, Mich.; and Tad C. Stephen, Moraga, Calif.