A plan to put up to 300 Utahns to work building a new power plant in Carbon County was presented Monday to Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Representatives of Environmental Power Corp. met with Bangerter to present their plan to use potentially dangerous waste from the coal produced at the Sunnyside Mine to power a 45-megawatt plant for 30 years. Joseph E. Cresci, president, said construction on the $95 million facility will begin in 30-60 days. Fred Finlinson, a state senator and attorney for the company, said Kaiser Coal Co. came up the idea for the power plant and gained approval for the concept from the Public Service Commission, which also approved a 30-year contract to sell the power to Utah Power & Light.But because of financial difficulties, Kaiser sold the idea and the raw materials to Environmental Power in 1987. Carbon County then procured an $80 million allocation of Industrial Revenue Bonds to raise money for the project.