About 25 years ago I purchased a new pipe threader. I now need a part for it. Stamped on the threader are the words Toldeo Pipe Threading Machine Co., Toldeo, O. There is no street address.

I sent a letter to the company but it was, of course, returned by the postal service for a better address. Can you help me? - T.B., Price.Maybe. Maybe not. We suggest you contact Industrial Supply Co., 1635 S. 300 W. in Salt Lake City, phone number 484-8644, and give it the make, model and serial number of your pipe threader and a description of the part you need.

It will check with a company called Curtis-Toledo Inc., in St. Louis, Mo., to see if there are parts available for your pipe threader.

We called the customer service department of Curtis-Toledo Inc., and were told it still has dies for older pipe threading machines, so maybe there's a chance.

Toledo Pipe Threading Machine Co. became Toledo-Beaver after merging with, acquiring or being acquired by Beaver Pipe Tool Inc. Toledo-Beaver was purchased by Curtis Manufacturing to become Curtis-Toledo Inc. located in St. Louis.

You may want to check with the company's customer service department yourself by calling (314) 383-1300.

Advice for poor students

Even a classroom's low achievers profit from learning "high level" thinking skills such as planning, organizing and presenting information, according to the University of Rochester.

In a pilot project with middle school students who, on average, failed to attend school one or two days each week, students prepared a museum exhibit about the history and culture of their city, said the school's Professor Sharon Carver.

Teachers not only reported improvements in attendance but observed that students became more self-critical of their work during the life of the project. - AP Newsfeatures.