James Louis Holland, already convicted in Utah for killing a man who picked him up hitchhiking, was bound over for arraignment Thursday in a southeastern Idaho highway rest-stop slaying.

Sixth District Magistrate Judge J.W. Crowther accepted a conditional waiver of the preliminary hearing for Holland, charged with first-degree murder in the July 4, 1987, slaying of Army National Guardsman Karl Behm.Behm, 24, Highland Heights, Ohio, was shot twice and dumped at the so-called Juniper rest stop on I-84, about 10 miles northwest of Snowville, Utah, just north of the Idaho-Utah state line.

Holland, 48, Orlando, Fla., will face arraignment at the earliest possible date to be set by 6th District Judge William H. Woodland, a court clerk said.

Florida police said Holland confessed to the Idaho killing and another in Utah after he was arrested July 13, 1987, in Bonifay, Fla., in connection with a robbery.

Holland then was transferred to Utah where he pleaded guilty Aug. 31, 1987, to capital murder charges in the July 5, 1986, shooting death of labor contractor Samuel Frank Patt, 70, Winter Haven, Fla.

Patt's body was found alongside I-84 near Echo Junction, Summit County.

Holland was sentenced to die by lethal injection in the killing. His death sentence is on automatic appeal to the Utah Supreme Court.