Wind gusts hit a power pole in West Valley City Saturday evening, creating a "domino effect" that knocked out power along 36th West.

Winds gusted to more than 50 mph in the area as a front moved in, kicked up dust and dropped seven power poles in an area from 24th South to 31st South on 36th West."We had a few good gusts and it took one pole, and we had the domino effect and it took about six other poles," said Utah Power & Light dispatcher Jim Wagner.

Four crews were at the scene attempting to restore power to the area, which is composed mostly of businesses and a few residences, Wagner said.

West Valley police were handling traffic at intersections darkened by the power outage, said Sgt. Randy Pond.

Wagner said it would take crews until Sunday night to restore power in the area.

Various power outages were reported around the Salt Lake Valley, and Wagner said more crews would be sent to the West Valley location as lights came back on across the county.

The National Weather Service reported gusts at Salt Lake International Airport to 39 mph, in West Valley City to 53 mph and Provo to 54 mph.