Davis County voters will cast their ballots at the same polling places as two years ago in upcoming primary and general elections, County Clerk Glenn Saunders said Wednesday.

Confusion has risen because voters in last year's municipal elections voted in locations differing from those used during the 1986 primary and general elections, Saunders said.Voting booths for primary and general elections are established by the county clerk, while polling places for municipal elections are designated by the cities, Saunders explained.

He said some fast-growing areas of the county will probably merit new polling places of their own in the 1990 general elections. But requests by some residents to designate new voting spots for this year's election came too late. State law prohibits changing a polling place less than 90 days before an election.

Saunders said both he and the Davis County Attorney's office have researched the state law trying to accomodate the requests for new polling places, but have been unable to find any loophole allowing the change.