In its 214-page Olympic preview issue, Sports Illustrated predicted all the medal winners in Seoul. The magazine was true to its

circulation area, granting 55 gold medals to the U.S. team, the highest of the Games. The Soviet Union was predicted to win 46 golds with the East Germans taking 35.Overall, in the U. S.-Soviet medals race, S. I. predicted that the United States would win 121 medals (55 gold, 35 silver, 31 bronze) to 126 for the Soviets (46 gold, 42 silver, 38 bronze).

Caution is advised, however. After early returns from the first five days of the 16-day Games, the magazine had successfully predicted five gold medal winners - of 34 awarded.

*** Mark Lee of the Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Club in Salt Lake was officially one of four co-coaches for the U.S. women's gymnastics team. But Lee was conspicuous by his absence on the floor during either the team compulsories or optionals.

The only American coach prominent on the floor was Bela Karolyi, with whom Lee has had differences of opinion in the past. Lee was relegated to a seat in the stands during the competition and was not allowed to leave that spot.

"That's just how we had to work it," explained Lee, "we couldn't have all the coaches on the floor." He did not elaborate on how it was decided that Karolyi would be the floor coach.

*** South Jordan's Denise Parker begins her archery competition next Tuesday, but she already has one trophy.

Hunting for the first time in the Utah bow-hunt last month, the 14-year-old got a deer in the mountains near the Utah-Wyoming border. According to Denise's father, Earl, who is in Seoul for the competition, "She had an uphill shot, about 50 yards, and she hit the deer right through the throat."

Let the competition beware.

*** TOUGH LOSS DEPT.: When Vesela Letcheva of Bulgaria, the heavy favorite and defending world air rifle champion, finished third in the event here she reacted by running into a nearby restroom, where she wept loudly, pulled at her hair, and beat her head against the wall for 10 minutes.

*** SEOULQUOTE: U.S. swimmer Matt Biondi, on losing the 100-meter butterfly by one-hundredth of a second: "All I can think about is how short that is. If I'd grown my fingernails for two more weeks, that probably would have been enough."