When a company has nearly 300 styles of shoes and a total of 1,700 sizes, colors and widths, it is impossible to stock the entire inventory.

So, to eliminate the inventory problem, Florsheim Shoe Shops in the ZCMI Center and Cottonwood Mall have become "Florsheim Express Shops" by installing a "transactional interactive video network."The network will allow Florsheim customers to watch a video screen that displays each of the 1,700 shoe styles, widths and colors and order the desired pair if its not available in the store.

Harry Bock, Florsheim's vice president of marketing services, said the shoes can be ordered instantly through the network and will be delivered to the purchaser's home within one week. This service, he said, will be particularly valuable to the hard-to-fit customers.

The express shops in the two malls are part of the company's network of 2,000 terminals in the program, which began in Illinois with 50 terminals.

To access the terminal, customers touch an infrared screen to receive an audio/video presentation of the Florsheim line. After making a selection, the customer's order is electronically transmitted to the company warehouse and mailed in a few days.

Bock said Florsheim salespeople like the new system because they can meet's a customer's needs. Customers also like it because they don't have to visit several shops looking for odd sizes. The new system was developed by ByVideo Inc.