After months of study, redevelopment plans in the south University Avenue area will now undergo a final round of scrutiny by property owners in the district.

The Provo City Council and the Redevelopment Agency approved a resolution Tuesday night authorizing the RDA to publish and mail notices for the joint public hearing Oct. 25.Ron Madsen, RDA director, also received approval from the Agency on the preliminary plans for the redevelopment project.

The redevelopment district previously consisted of about 125 acres, but that was pared to 100 acres or less so the area meets legal standards and can be considered a redevelopment area.

The area goes from First South to 920 South and from First East to about Second West, with a few extensions in the Sixth South and Fourth West area and in the Sixth South-Third East area.

The RDA chose the south University Avenue area as a proposed project because Madsen said a number of business people have asked the agency to do something to improve the south entrance to the city.

"We have several reasons for establishing a redevelopment district," he said. "We feel the south entry to the city is an area that we would like to see some improvement and this would give us some additional tools to do that.

"It will also improve and strengthen businesses along that corridor and allow additional funding for Housing and Urban Development through a block grant."

By developing the area, the city would be able to eliminate small and irregular lots, incompatible land uses, obsolete and aged buildings and substandard alleys.

Most of the land in the proposed area is part of a central business district, heavy commercial and heavy manufacturing district.

Madsen said property owners in the district can be excluded from the district if they wish, but the agency will not be able to expand beyond the proposed 100 acre area.