State officials are convinced old advertisements never die; they just keep enticing people to Utah.

Officials at the Travel Council were surprised recently to receive an advertisement in the mail that had been clipped from National Geographic magazine and that enticed readers to "This year visit Utah."They were surprised because the ad, offering a free, full-color book of things to see when visiting Utah, appeared in 1957.

"To my knowledge, we've never received anything that old before," said Joe Rutherford, travel council spokesman.

Levi Murch of Vacaville, Calif., sent the ad, along with a letter saying he and his wife think Utah would be a nice place to visit.

State officials no longer had copies of the 31-year-old full-color book handy, so they sent Murch an up-to-date state travel guide and a brochure describing state monuments.

Murch said he found the ad while perusing an old copy of the magazine. He and his wife were looking for a place to vacation.

Rutherford said state tourism officials now are more convinced than ever of the power of magazine advertisements.