A full-scale renovation of the six-story Temple Square Hotel, 75 W. South Temple, was announced Thursday by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The 190-room hotel, constructed in 1931, will be remodeled into a small "executive-class, 90-room European-style property," church officials said. The present south entrance to the hotel will be converted to a "Carriage Court" and will become the principal entry.In addition, the South Temple entry will be restored as closely as possible to the original design, with a marquee extending across the sidewalk.

The renovation of the hotel, adjacent to historic Temple Square, Symphony Hall and the Salt Palace, will further enhance this area of downtown Salt Lake City and provide delightful guest accommodations for visitors, church officials said.

Amenities at the new hotel will include a restaurant on the northwest corner and banquet and reception rooms on the southwest corner of the main floor in the space formerly occupied by the Trailways Bus Lines. Commercial space will be available on the northeast corner, and a small library will be intalled on the mezzanine.

Details of the renovation were announced by Presiding Bishop Robert D. Hales during a news conference in the hotel.

The hotel will close Oct. 31 for an estimated 18 to 24 months. Architects are expected to have final drawings and specifications ready for bidding by June 1989, with construction beginning soon thereafter. Reopening is scheduled for the summer of 1990.

The First Presidency expressed appreciation to the dedicated employees and their families who have contributed greatly to the success of the hotel. Every effort will be made to assist them in securing alternative employment when the hotel closes.

The new Carriage Court, to be located between the hotel and the Crossroads Mall, will provide vehicle access to the hotel, as well as establish the image of the hotel to arriving guests.

Entry to the court will be through grand-scale wrought iron gates. Brick or stone pavements in geometric patterns, trees, planter boxes, bollards and fountains will be included in the Carriage Court. A masonry screen wall will be established at the east end of the court and along the north side of the Crossroads Mall parking terrace.

Parking for hotel guests will be provided at the Crossroads Mall parking terrace and in a small parking terrace that will be added during hotel renovation.

All rooms in the new hotel will be larger than existing ones, and in addition there will be five bridal suites and five suites with parlor sitting rooms.

Because of the age of the structure, several of the basic support systems in the 60-year-old building need to be replaced to bring the hotel up to current fire, life and safety standards. Many alternative uses for the structure were considered, but in order to preserve the site for future undetermined needs it was decided to renovate the structure and maintain its current use.

Plumbing, electrical, fire protection, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will all be upgraded. In addition, the building will be strengthened to meet seismic standards.