The man who escaped Jeffrey Dahmer and then led police to the confessed serial killer was himself in jail Thursday on a charge of sexual battery of a child in Mississippi.

Police in Tupelo, Miss., said detectives recognized Tracy Edwards, 32, on television interviews he gave about the Dahmer case.Edwards was indicted by a Lee County, Miss., grand jury on a charge of sexual battery of a child for allegedly having intercourse in September 1990 with a 13-year-old girl who was a relative of his girlfriend.

Tupelo Deputy Police Chief Jerry Crocker said detectives were surprised to see Edwards being interviewed about the Dahmer case and recognized him.

Edwards, who moved to Milwaukee last June, was arrested by Milwaukee police Tuesday.

Officials in Milwaukee said Edwards was expected to be in court Thursday for a hearing on whether he would agree to be returned to Mississippi.

Edwards has said he met Dahmer July 22 outside a downtown Milwaukee mall, where Dahmer asked Edwards and a cousin to come to his apartment for a party. Edwards said he went alone and spent about five hours before Dahmer started making advances toward him and threatening him with a knife. He said he had put half a pair of handcuffs on while in the apartment but wouldn't let Dahmer put both cuffs on him. Edwards told reporters Dahmer abruptly changed mood.

Dahmer has been ordered held on $5 million bail pending an Aug. 22 hearing after an amended complaint this week accused him of killing 12 males and mutilating many of the bodies. He told police he killed 17 altogether.

On Wednesday, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and Milwaukee's police chief sought to ease tensions inflamed by charges of racist conduct by police who earlier let Dahmer slip through their fingers.

But rank-and-file police officers, stung by the suspension of three officers who failed to arrest Dahmer May 27, overwhelmingly told Chief Philip Arreola they have no confidence in him.