Police reported only minor outbursts of gunfire Thursday and brush fires overnight in a neighborhood that had been rocked by racial rioting.

"It was a real good night," said police Sgt. Rick Ware. "We just had small little spurts of stuff that went on but it ended about midnight, and we geared down the operation down there. It was like we were hoping - the citizens in the neighborhood got behind the police and helped quell the trouble."No injuries or arrests were reported overnight as a result of the scattered incidents.

The violence started late Tuesday when a white teenage girl allegedly shot a black man in a drug deal, setting off five hours of looting and burning in the city's Cedar Grove neighborhood.

City officials, police and black community leaders met with area residents Wednesday in an attempt to ease tensions, and the area was much calmer.

"We had a couple of brush fires start up," Ware said. "Somebody set up some trash and set it on fire. And we had some sporadic gunfire and then it just quit. They were not shooting at any police officers or houses, it was more like they were shooting up in the air."

Ware said police, who had cordoned off a nine-block emergency zone around Cedar Grove and set up a command post nearby, withdrew from the area just before midnight Wednesday.

In the riot following the shooting incident Tuesday night, two stores were burned, another two were looted and shots were fired at firefighters who attempted to put out the flames.

That riot erupted moments after William McKinney, 22, was shot to death at A.B. Palmer Community Park, a well-known drug haven where he was involved in a transaction with two women in a car, police said.

"Shreveport is still a racist city," state Sen. Greg Tarver, who represents Shreveport, said after learning of the destruction.