California leads the nation in farm income, but when the states are rated in terms of dollars earned per acre, none comes close to Rhode Island.

A new analysis by the Agriculture Department for 1987 earnings said California's net farm income was more than $5.58 billion. Rhode Island was reported in 47th place at $46.4 million. Alaska was at the bottom with $14.9 million.But the comprehensive Agricultural Income and Finance report, which was issued this week by the department's Economic Research Service, also ranked the 50 states according to average net farm income per acre.

Utah tied with Arizona for 16th place. Utah's net farm income per acre was $16 with the average net income per farm reported at $12,958.

Rhode Island was at the top, averaging $636 per acre in 1987. California was seventh at $174 per acre. And Rhode Island's per-acre average income was almost double second-place Connecticut, which was reported at $352 per acre.