Patrons reading Burger King's paper tray liners are finding the fast-food chain has served up U.S. history its way - but not necessarily the right way.

Promotional material for the Miami-based company's "Education Enriches Everyone" campaign incorrectly credits Thomas Jefferson with writing the U.S. Constitution. It also lists the wrong birth year for President Lyndon Johnson - 1903 instead of 1908.

The information was published on millions of tray liners and is part of a promotion that includes bookmarks and about 35,000 posters to be mailed to classrooms across the nation.

According to the tray liners, "before Thomas Jefferson could pen our Constitution, he was schooled in history."

Actually, Jefferson didn't even attend the Constitutional Convention. He did, however, write the Declaration of Independence and initially objected to the Constitution's lack of protection for human rights.

Barbara Gothard, the Burger King executive in charge of the campaign, called Johnson's birth date "a genuine typographical error" but held fast to the notion that Jefferson did "pen" the Constitution.

"Our research shows us that in 1787, Madison actually sent a copy of the Constitution to Jefferson in France, so that in a sense Jefferson penned the Constitution," said Gothard.