An effort to show businessmen that teachers' money is important to the economy backfired when checks bearing stickers saying "Teacher Dollars" were rejected by bank computers.

The stickers, with the slogan printed inside a little apple, were printed at a cost of $1,388 to the Utah Education Association.They were distributed to teachers through the various association chapters in an effort to get banks and other businesses to think of teachers as partners in the economic community, said Steve Hale, association spokesman.

But banks could not tell which accounts to debit because teachers tended to place the stickers over their account numbers.

Some banks returned the checks and others processed them by hand.

Ogden Education Association president Sterling Gardner said, "They were a really super good idea . . . to show that teachers dollars are needed in the economy."

"We abandoned the idea . . . the practical application left a little to be desired," Gardner said.

Cindy Purcell, spokesman for the Ogden office of Key Bank of Utah, said the bank does business with many local teachers. She said checks with stickers that came through the bank were proofed by hand.

"We did see some problems, but they were run at no charge to the customer," she said.

Purcell said the Utah Banker's Association asked the association to inform members of the problem and to have them place the stickers in the left, upper corner of the checks.

Hale said the association has done so.

"We learned a lesson. The bankers were very nice about it. We sent them a letter apologizing for not telling teachers the sticker should go in the upper left-hand corner," he said.