A lot of teamwork goes into making a successful sports team.

The same is true with a sports department.A good example is last Monday's Deseret News special baseball section. A lot of work was done before the final product came off the presses that day. And the work involved a number of people not in the sports department.

Chief sports deskman Rich Evans was the section's main idea man. He suggested using baseball cards to highlight the front color page. He called the Topps Chewing Gum Inc. headquarters to get permission to reprint them, then procured the cards of Bruce Hurst, Kelly Downs, Wally Joyner and Dale Murphy through a local baseball card dealer.

Asked to translate the idea to paper was our award-winning art department, which took all three places in the design category at the recent Utah Society of Professional Journalists contest. Robert Noyce, one of the winners, designed the attractive front page.

Roger Greenwood of the color center directed the various operations to produce the color plates for the press.

What remained was the selection of stories for the section.

It was Kurt Kragthorpe's idea to do the story on Cory Snyder, former BYU player who had an up-and-down year last season with the Cleveland Indians. Kragthorpe, our Utah Jazz beat writer, follows baseball closely. He was able to stop over in Tucson as part of one of his Jazz trips to interview Snyder at the Indians' spring training site.

We like to have some fun with the section and as such go out on a limb and give Deseret News predictions on where the teams will finish. Evans is a baseball diehard and as such did the prediction piece for the National League. I like to think he picked the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the NL West on merit and not because he's a Southern Californian who wears a Dodgers jacket to work.

Another baseball devotee in the department, Mike Sorensen, once again did the American League predictions. He should do better this year. Last year he picked Cleveland to win the AL East and Minnesota to finish fifth in the AL West. In fairness to Mike, a lot of people picked Cleveland to win the AL East last season, and it's doubtful many picked the world-champion Twins to finish higher than fifth.

The person most responsible for arranging the stories in the section was Steve Schowengerdt, resident expert on computer coding he figured out how to make the Cory Snyder story follow the outline of Snyder's leg etc.

Then what remained was for the workers in charge of the presses to place the color separations properly and start the presses. They did, and the result was Monday's sports section.