Questar Pipeline Co., the interstate pipeline subsidiary of Questar Corp. and sister company to Mountain Fuel Supply, announced it has accepted a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission certificate authorizing the pipeline to become a full "open access" natural gas transporter.

Questar Pipeline President and Chief Executive Officer A.J. Maru-shack said the FERC issued the pipeline a blanket certificate of public convenience and necessity on Sept. 16, and it became effective Tuesday.Under terms of the certificate, Questar Pipeline will offer firm and interruptible transportation to all shippers, including end-users, marketers, interstate pipelines, intrastate pipelines and local distribution companies on a non-discriminatory basis.

Marushack said the company applied for the blanket certificate on Aug. 1 in response to business and regulatory changes creating new opportunities in the transportation of natural gas.

"Because of the location of our pipeline system in the midst of important energy-producing areas in the Rocky Mountain and Overthrust regions, we have seen a steady increase in our transportation business in recent years. This has partially offset declines in gas sales.

"The open-access status also will reduce regulatory constraints on this increasingly important segment of our operations."

Questar Pipeline engages in sales for resale, gathering, interstate transmission and storage activities in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.