The historic Bluebird Restaurant and candy factory is for sale.

Operated by the Cardon family for 74 years, restaurant owner Guy Cardon said there are no more family members interested in it."I don't have any children, and there is no one to take it over," Cardon said. "This is the toughest decision in my experience here."

Cardon has worked at the popular restaurant for 50 years. His father, O. Guy Cardon, and a business partner, Mark N. Neuberger, opened the establishment in 1914.

Cardon said local sentiments are mixed about selling what has become a local institution, "but it's time to make the move."

The Bluebird is popular for its traditional cuisine, candy and old- fashioned soda fountain and furnishings.

He said business has been good over the summer, and the company is filling orders for Christmas candy.

The advertisement said the restaurant and candy factory grossed $620,000 annualy.

The advertisement lists the restaurant for $272,000 and candy factory for $125,000. Both operations, including two buildings, furnishings and equipment, are being offered for $397,000.