Tape recordings of police radio communications during an investigation of an incident involving admitted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and a 14-year-old boy are damaging to the department, the Milwaukee Journal reported.

Sources told the newspaper Wednesday the tapes reflected some "unprofessional conduct" among officers."It didn't sound too favorable," the source told the newspaper. "It may be a bad few months for the police department."

Three Milwaukee police officers have been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation into allegations they dismissed as a homosexual spat a May 27 report the 14-year-old had fled naked and bleeding from Dahmer's apartment building with Dahmer in pursuit.

Police Chief Philip Arreola played the police tapes for investigators and said he would issue a statement when the internal investigation was completed.

The 14-year-old was identified as Komerak Sinthasomphone, a Laotian boy whose remains were found in Dahmer's apartment. He is one of 17 male victims Dahmer has claimed. Fifteen victims have been identified.

A source who heard the tapes told the newspaper the officers, who were called to the scene by a woman who had seen Dahmer and the boy, referred to the incident as "boy-boy" trouble and said they wanted to return to the station house for "delousing." That term is an inside joke used by officers when talking about people they consider unsavory, the newspaper said.

The Milwaukee Sentinel also reported Wednesday Dahmer was shocked when investigators told him the 14-year-old Laotian boy was the brother of a youth Dahmer sexually assaulted in 1988. Dahmer was on probation for the assault conviction.