The Salt Lake Association of Community Councils voted to drop a lawsuit against the city's Board of Adjustments that contended the board violated city code in a recent zoning decision.

The private, volunteer group of neighborhood councils filed the suit in 3rd District Court Aug. 18, saying the Board of Adjustments permitted a carwash to be built in a manner detrimental to neighborhood quality, court records said.The association said in a prepared release it dropped the suit "because of legal technicalities." An attorney for the group said the group initiated the legal action after the 30-day statute of limitations had expired.

The dispute centered on a conditional-use permit granted by the board for construction of a Rainbo Oil carwash at 21st South and Fifth East, which the association said does not conform to zoning laws because carwash openings should not be built next to residential areas.

The suit is to prevent a precedent from being set that could affect other neighborhoods, the group said.

"The goal of SLACC volunteers is to ensure a good quality of life within Salt Lake neighborhoods. Part of their work involves making sure that businesses and residential areas function together harmoniously," the group said in a prepared release.

As a result of the carwash suit, the association said it found three shortcomings in Salt Lake zoning law. Some zoning law is outdated, Board of Adjustment variances are not always in the public interest and some zoning ordinances are not adequately enforced, the group said.