A Brigham Young University history professor will discuss "Myths of the American Family: A Historical Perspective" at a Family Living Lecture, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 29 in the Wilkinson Center Ballroom.

Mary E. Stovall will give an overview of the history of the American family from 1607 to the present."Basically, families are different from many popular perceptions," says Stovall. For example, families that have been mixed through divorce, death and remarriage have often been regarded as unique to today's society.

"The blended family is not unique to the 20th century," she says. In the 17th century, a high mortality rate in the Chesapeake area of the South caused the average marriage to last about 10 years. Because of this, people remarried frequently, and in many instances children ended up living in households where they were not related to their parents or their siblings.